Dec 14, 2020

Paying Too Much For Your Prescription Medicine? Try These Healthcare Hacks

Stop overpaying for your medication! Start saving money now on the medicine that you need. It can be incredibly frustrating and disappointing when you see how much your prescription is going to cost. Some people even decide not to pick them up at all, putting their own health at risk, because they cannot afford it or need to allocate the funds elsewhere. This on top of the fact that you’re already paying for health insurance that you thought would help lower the cost. It shouldn’t be this way, and in fact it doesn’t have to be. Here’s a few healthcare hacks that are sure to help you bring down those prescription prices. 

Apps like Carecard

Carecard is a service that saves people up to 85% on their prescription costs. How? Apps like Carecard negotiate with the pharmacies to provide discounts for you, so you don’t have to Google anything or give your information to a manufacturer. It’s also completely free, with no ongoing membership costs or premiums. While you don’t use Carecard in conjunction with your insurance, you can choose which price is lower, your insurance copay or the Carecard discounted price. More often than not, it’s Carecard’s price. We work hard to make sure that no one has to go without their medication, while also keeping the money in their pocket for the other needs of life.This works whether you have insurance or not. A quick 10 second search could save you hundreds on your next visit to the pharmacy.

Manufacturer Co-pay Cards

Most people don’t know about these, but they’re a great option for savings. Most manufacturers of prescription drugs will actually pay some or all of your copay for you, believe it or not. This could leave you with zero cost on some of your medications. This only applies if your medications are brand-name. 

All you have to do to take advantage of this is simply search for your drug name with “copay card” after it on Google. For example, “Wellbutrin copay card.” Once you find the link for the manufacturer (you may have to scroll past advertisements), the website will ask you for some information such as your name, address, phone number, date of birth. Then you will receive a card. The next time you go pick up your prescription and they tell you how much you owe, you can show them the copay card. You’ll see the price change depending on brand and how their copay program works. 


A lot of people do not take brand name medications, but instead opt for generic ones in order to save on costs. This means the manufacturer copay card can’t help much. There is another option though. There are tons of coupons online that are free for your use. This requires some searching around on the internet though.

Along this same line is cash coupon programs. These are where you can pay cash and pay less to companies who offer these programs. This falls outside of your insurance though. 

Mail-order Pharmacies

Choosing to use a mail-order pharmacy means that you also are getting the convenience of staying in your home while your medications are sent to you. Instead of the prescriptions being fulfilled by what we’d normally think of as a pharmacy down the road, it is fulfilled by a mail-order one that is specific for mailing prescriptions. This often is through your health insurance, so it lowers the cost because the insurance purchases the medication in bulk. You can also receive 90 days worth of your prescription and thus have to worry about refilling it as much. 

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