Jul 08, 2021

Amazon’s Newest Venture Advances Healthcare Industry with Development of Healthcare Accelerator

Amazon Web Services (AWS), the leader in cloud computing platforms, recently announced its newest development to advance the healthcare industry; an accelerator designed for healthcare startups. 

AWS has developed this initiative to support prospective healthcare startups and the industry's ever-growing need for advancing solutions. 

What is AWS’ Healthcare Accelerator?

AWS's accelerator is a four-week technical, business, and mentorship opportunity geared toward promising U.S.- based healthcare startups, as well as international startups that currently have operations in the U.S.  

In its public announcement, AWS' Vice President, Sandy Carter, excitedly describes the primary purpose of his company’s newest program by affirming: "The goal of the AWS Healthcare Accelerator is to cultivate and promote innovative startup solutions that achieve the Quadruple Aim of improved patient experience, improved clinician experience, better health outcomes, and lower cost of care. In seeking out compliant data-driven healthcare solutions, AWS will support public sector healthcare enterprises to accelerate their digital transformation."

What Does AWS’ Healthcare Accelerator Mean for Healthcare Startups?

A selected 10 healthcare startups will work alongside AWS’ technical experts to build their cloud solutions. Healthcare Accelerator will allow startups to integrate with AWS healthcare customers and members of Amazon Partner Network (APN) who are searching for healthcare solutions.

Bringing AWS’ technological and business expertise to selected startups will promote their growth and allow them to focus on remote patient monitoring, data analytics, patient engagement, voice technology, and virtual care. 

AWS’ Collaboration with KidsX

AWS has partnered with KidsX, an established pediatric-focused health accelerator, who brings a robust global network of healthcare resources to the table. However, companies selected for the new AWS accelerator program can cater to any patient population.

Amazon is No Stranger to Ventures in the Healthcare Space 

This accelerator program isn't the first move Amazon has taken into the world of healthcare. With plans of becoming a future healthcare industry leader, Amazon has recently expanded its footprint more and more into the healthcare space.

In 2019, Amazon launched "Amazon Care", a virtual healthcare program for its Seattle employees. As of March this year, Amazon has plans to make Amazon Care available to all its employees this summer and eventually to all consumers. 

In addition to the Healthcare Accelerator, AWS has also recently been active in the healthcare industry with its launch of Amazon Pharmacy, its release of the Amazon Halo, a fitness tracker, as well as helping facilitate at-home shipments of COVID tests.

The Right Time for Innovation 

It seems to not only be an appropriate time for the healthcare industry to embark on a period of innovation; the industry is currently being reinvented as it finds new ways to mitigate recent and ongoing issues. In light of a major event such as the pandemic and other systemic challenges such as a growing aging population, a rising workforce gap, increasing healthcare costs, as well as escalating problems regarding healthcare access and equity, the healthcare industry has undoubtedly been shaken up and now must rise to meet these challenges. 

Healthcare innovation has provided critical solutions to help hospitals and health systems navigate these challenges, while driving the industry forward into the future. 

As we shift into a post-pandemic world, the need for continued innovation in the healthcare industry has rapidly increased. Digital health is one of the prime areas of innovation for startups. From patient services and care solutions to advances in health devices and imaging tools, there is vast opportunity for the continued transformation of the healthcare industry in the space of digital health.

Next Steps for AWS Healthcare Accelerator 

By helping escalate the digital transformation of healthcare startups, the AWS healthcare accelerator will enable startups to build complete and efficient digital healthcare solutions based on data and analytics.. Such digital solutions will help startups transform healthcare services in many ways including improving identification of high-risk patients, the creation of a platform to engage and deliver care for remote patients, or pivoting from their existing functionality to meet the growing needs of public sector healthcare.

Startups interested in the accelerator program can apply online from June 21st, 2021, to July 23rd, 2021. The 10 winners selected will be notified by August 18th, 2021. 

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